Benefits Of Providing Staff A Ride Hailing Service Package


Majority of companies and organizations today provide their employees with staff transportation such as corporate ride hailing services and cabs. It has come with several benefits, including improved employee productivity and better work-life balance. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the dedicated cab services are organized and appropriately implemented.

Employees are the drivers and enablers of any company, regardless of its type, industry, and size. Having said that, it’s only right for the employer to provide an incentive that can remove the stress of a daily commute so employees can be productive once they arrive at work.

Before we dive into a few of the several reasons that make staff transportation necessary, let us first go over the current commute scenario that most employees experience daily.

People use a variety of modes of transportation to arrive at work, such as buses and vans (matatus), trains and personal vehicles. According to a study, congestion caused by traffic takes up so much of the commute time for workers to be exhausted by the time they arrive to work. Their morale is greatly affected This, in turn, affects their performance.

Ride hailing service provides have become popular in the early 2000s, so ride-hailing has been around for a long time. With the introduction of technology, mobile apps dedicated to ride-hailing have been made available for commuters as an alternative to public transportation

Employee Motivation

Employees who take advantage of a corporate ride hailing plan can use the down time to prepare for their day, get a jump start on their email, or just rest and relax while someone else drives thus arriving at work fresh and motivated to work. They may even get healthier; studies show that stress-related health problems like high blood pressure, anxiety, high cholesterol, and depression can at times be associated with routinely driving in traffic day in and day out, the frustrations from dealing with uncouth drivers will set off some of these conditions.

strengthening your reputation


An employer or company with a great transport package such as ride hailing will always be considered as a great place to work with nice perks. It’s good for business to be known as a desirable employer, one that cares about their employees and the needs and supports a reasonable work-life balance.

Keeping and attracting more great employees

A Cab or ride hailing program may help attract more new hires and reduce turnover because in addition to the health and wellness benefits, employees know they will save money on transportation costs.

Social interaction is another benefit for employees. It’s a nearly foolproof way for them cut their budgets and salaries will be enough to cater for their other needs. Without them always having to worry about higher salary and getting a better paying job employees will concentrate on their work and better performance benefitting the company.


With features like live tracking in the ride-sharing app like Hava we give the rider an ETA of the cab they’ve booked. This helps a rider know how much time they have before a driver arrives and can do productive last-minute tasks or get ready faster. It also allows users to share their travel location with their friends or families during travel. This enhances the safety and trust of the users.



Ride hailing platforms not being constricted to one or a relatively specific geographical region since they are available online, Riders can request a cab from any or different regions and this will ease their commute or movement. Ride hailing services are also not restricted to certain time of the day such as certain public transport means i.e. Matatus your staff can move around easily without being stranded at times.

Cost Saving.

A ride hailing service might be less expensive over time than paying for employees’ mileage, building a parking garage or paying parking fees.

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