Corporate Transportation For Your Business

At HAVA we understand that business relies on providing an excellent service to clients, which they can depend on – Of course, when it comes to booking corporate transport, you expect exactly the same thing. Our corporate accounts offer competitive rates, as well as a trustworthy service. Our fully trained, mature and friendly drivers will get you, your staff or guests to your destination in complete safety and comfort.

Employee Benefits

Commuters spend a good part of their income commuting to their workplace and back. They spend most of their income and at least three hours a day in commuting. Providing cab services would reduce the cost and make the employee transportation management experience better. Corporate Cabs are less expensive alternatives- while they have the ability to extend mileage. For the employer, it is less expensive than Managing whole fleets of vehicles and reimbursements. In addition, the parking space rent gets reduced. It is the employer who pays for the parking facility used by the employees at the office. Providing Corporate cab simply mean lesser employee vehicles and hence reduced parking rents.

Introducing Corporate cab servicers is a major attraction for prospective candidates. While looking for employment, in addition to the salary package, other points they consider are the mode of travel, distance to be traveled, timing, etc. In other words, they look at the distance of the office from their place of residence and time taken to travel. If the company provides cab services, then the prospective employee can be much more relaxed about daily commute. Chances of losing a very good, talented employee get reduced in that case even if the workplace is slightly farther than expected for the prospective employee. Having a commute facility benefits the employees since it saves their money on vehicle and fuel. In addition to this, the organization becomes a ‘great’ workplace to work in- one that cares about their employees’ well-being and convenience.


Improvement On Employee Well-being And Productivity

Most cabs pick and drop employees outside their homes, workplace, meeting locations etc. Providing such a service reduces the employee’s traveling stress to a great extent. They are spared from driving through the traffic, missing work and health claims and getting delayed for office due to unexpected traffic snarls. Corporate cab services also provide employees with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the day ahead at the office. They get a chance to relax, check their e-mails, plan the day ahead, catch up on the news and rest for a while. This preparatory stage will help them transition to the work mode much faster once at the office which may not be so otherwise.

Often, owing to the peak hour traffic, people get delayed to the office. In addition, driving through the jams, waiting at signals can drive you really crazy at times. Getting delayed at traffic junctions and missing and reaching late to office affects the work schedules and deadlines. Cabs spare the employees from driving in traffic and make productive use of their time. Needless to say, employees using such a service find it easier to reach their workplace in time. This increases the enthusiasm to work among employees. There is an increased energy within the team and a well-connected sense of teamwork.


Let’s Get Started

If you want to get  corporate cab services but do not know where to start or which service best fits your employees commute requirements, we’ve compiled a few more articles to assist you decide whether the HAVA way is the way for your company to go. You can start with our How To Find The Right Transportation Service Provider

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