How To Make Your Rides/Commutes Productive


During our day to day commute it’s easy to embark on aimless social media scrolling when you’re taking a ride be it a Cab or a shuttle commute. Not that there’s something wrong with checking up with your social media, there are times best suited for that such as Partially during evening commutes and others that would be used for more productive activities i.e., during morning commutes. There are ways to transform that ‘downtime’ into something far more productive. Below we have compiled a few productivity tips that will have a positive impact on your working day.

Checking up emails

The average professional spends a significant chunk of their working time in a day reading and answering emails which tends to fall on activities that look urgent but are not really important.

You’re probably aware of how counterproductive it is to open your inbox every other minute, given the perceived wisdom that it’s far more efficient to schedule set windows of time for checking your email. The thinking here is that without this incessant interruption, you are more able to focus on the task at hand. During your commute is the perfect time to deal with emails, so use it to file, reply and sort.

Not feeling so practical? You could use your next Commute or ride as an opportunity to kick-start a new and improved system to manage your emails. How? Well, smartphone notifications are an enemy of productivity, start by disabling those alerts. That way, you can start dealing with email in bulk at designated times like the business gurus do.



Keeping informed on industry news

It’s important to stay on top of news and developments in your industry, but it’s often hard to find the time. So, a great way to use those long rides is to catch up on what the top thinkers in your business world are doing and saying right now.

If it turns out your read feels productive, it’s worth resharing the good reads on your Twitter or LinkedIn accounts with a personal perspective on the issue they’re covering. This not only shows the world you’re on top of the latest trends, but it demonstrates that you aren’t afraid to enter the conversation on what’s causing a stir in your area of business.

Keeping connected

Networking is one of the top ways to gain business. It’s crucial to keep up with developments in the industry and raise your own profile, but when time is limited, it’s all too easy to prioritize work inside your business over networking outside of it.

Because of this, it’s well worth using your ride time to actively maintain current relationships or to follow up with people you’ve contacted previously. You never know: the small amount of time you spend reaching out could reap big rewards.

Listening to podcasts

To get deeper understanding of an industry, an issue or a trend, it’s worth listening to a podcast, these enable you to hear from various experts on a certain subject, with truly little effort required from you. Find the most popular by researching the top-ranked ones from your industry.

Clearing your mind & Self reflection

Your ride can be a chance to escape the intensity of your working day. Then why not take that one step further by using it for mindfulness? According to numerous studies, just 10 minutes of meditation can counteract stress, reduce anxiety and help with insomnia – all side effects of the modern working world.


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