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    Driving for Hava is fun and rewarding. You determine your working hours, and you are in control. We help drivers meet their goals by providing a platform whereby they can easily get connected to riders and earn fairly from it.

    Instant HAVA Driver Payments

    Some customers use in-app payments whether they are corporate customers or retail. When these customers use in-app payment methods, the driver is able to immediately request for withdrawal of funds. Hava is the only app that supports instant cash withdrawals. Payments are made on Fridays for balance over Ksh 200, and withdrawals are processed three times daily.

    Reliable earnings

    Hava always strives to make the needs of the driver partner a priority, drivers get to keep 90% of their earnings.

    Heat Map

    Heat Map to assist them locate rider locations and increase chances of getting request

    Early Withdrawal 

    We have an early withdrawal button to assist our drivers get their earnings earlier in case of a financial emergency.


    Fleet owners enjoy control and transparency on their investment. Additional features include multiple drivers for one car at different times

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